from direct.showbase.ShadowPlacer import ShadowPlacer places a shadow.

It traces a line from a light source to the opposing surface. Or it may do that later, right now it puts a node on the surface under the its parent node.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of direct.showbase.ShadowPlacer

class ShadowPlacer(cTrav, shadowNodePath, wallCollideMask, floorCollideMask)[source]

Bases: DirectObject

__init__(self, cTrav, shadowNodePath, wallCollideMask, floorCollideMask)[source]
activeCount = 0
count = 0

for debugging

notify = <direct.directnotify.Notifier.Notifier object>

Turn off the shadow placement. The shadow will still be there, but the z position will not be updated until a call to on() is made.


Turn on the shadow placement. The shadow z position will start being updated until a call to off() is made.


Makes one quick collision pass for the avatar, for instance as a one-time straighten-things-up operation after collisions have been disabled.

setup(self, cTrav, shadowNodePath, wallCollideMask, floorCollideMask)[source]

Set up the collisions