from panda3d.core import ConfigVariableInt64
class ConfigVariableInt64


Bases: ConfigVariable

This is a convenience class to specialize ConfigVariable as a 64-bit integer type.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of ConfigVariableInt64

__bool__() bool

Returns true if the variable is not empty.

__getitem__(n: int) int
__init__(param0: ConfigVariableInt64)
__init__(name: str)
__init__(name: str, default_value: int, description: str, flags: int)
__init__(name: str, default_value: str, description: str, flags: int)
assign(value: int) ConfigVariableInt64
property default_value int

Returns the variable’s default value.

get_default_value() int

Returns the variable’s default value.

get_value() int

Returns the variable’s value.

get_word(n: int) int

Returns the variable’s nth value.

set_value(value: int)

Reassigns the variable’s local value.

set_word(n: int, value: int)

Reassigns the variable’s nth value. This makes a local copy of the variable’s overall value.

size() int

Returns the number of unique words in the variable.

property value int

Returns the variable’s value.


Reassigns the variable’s local value.