from panda3d.core import DisplayInformation
class DisplayInformation


This class contains various display information.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of DisplayInformation

enum DetectionState
enumerator DS_unknown = 0
enumerator DS_success = 1
enumerator DS_direct_3d_create_error = 2
enumerator DS_create_window_error = 3
enumerator DS_create_device_error = 4
__init__(param0: DisplayInformation)
get_available_page_file_size() int
get_available_physical_memory() int
get_available_process_virtual_memory() int
get_cpu_brand_index() int
get_cpu_brand_string() str
get_cpu_frequency() int
static get_cpu_time() int

Equivalent to the rdtsc processor instruction.

get_cpu_vendor_string() str
get_cpu_version_information() int
get_current_cpu_frequency() int
get_device_id() int
get_display_mode(display_index: int) DisplayMode
get_display_mode_bits_per_pixel(display_index: int) int
get_display_mode_fullscreen_only(display_index: int) int
get_display_mode_height(display_index: int) int
get_display_mode_refresh_rate(display_index: int) int
get_display_mode_width(display_index: int) int

Older interface for display modes.

get_display_modes() list
get_display_state() int
get_driver_build() int
get_driver_date_day() int
get_driver_date_month() int
get_driver_date_year() int
get_driver_product() int
get_driver_sub_version() int
get_driver_version() int
get_maximum_cpu_frequency() int
get_maximum_window_height() int
get_maximum_window_width() int
get_memory_load() int
get_num_cpu_cores() int

Returns the number of individual CPU cores in the system, or 0 if this number is not available. A hyperthreaded CPU counts once here.

get_num_logical_cpus() int

Returns the number of logical CPU’s in the system, or 0 if this number is not available. A hyperthreaded CPU counts as two or more here.

get_os_platform_id() int

Returns -1 if not set.

get_os_version_build() int

Returns -1 if not set.

get_os_version_major() int

Returns -1 if not set.

get_os_version_minor() int

Returns -1 if not set.

get_page_fault_count() int
get_page_file_size() int
get_page_file_usage() int
get_peak_page_file_usage() int
get_peak_process_memory() int
get_physical_memory() int
get_process_memory() int
get_process_virtual_memory() int
get_shader_model() ShaderModel
get_texture_memory() int
get_total_display_modes() int
get_vendor_id() int
get_video_memory() int
get_window_bits_per_pixel() int
update_cpu_frequency(processor_number: int)