from direct.distributed.DoHierarchy import DoHierarchy

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of direct.distributed.DoHierarchy

class DoHierarchy[source]

Bases: object

This table has been a source of memory leaks, with DoIds getting left in the table indefinitely. DoHierarchy guards access to the table and ensures correctness.

deleteObjectLocation(self, do, parentId, zoneId)[source]
getDoIds(self, getDo, parentId, zoneId=None, classType=None)[source]
  • parentId – any distributed object id.

  • zoneId – a uint32, defaults to None (all zones). Try zone 2 if you’re not sure which zone to use (0 is a bad/null zone and 1 has had reserved use in the past as a no messages zone, while 2 has traditionally been a global, uber, misc stuff zone).

  • dclassType – a distributed class type filter, defaults to None (no filter).

If dclassName is None then all objects in the zone are returned; otherwise the list is filtered to only include objects of that type.

notify = <direct.directnotify.Notifier.Notifier object>
storeObjectLocation(self, do, parentId, zoneId)[source]