from panda3d.bullet import BulletTriangleMeshShape
class BulletTriangleMeshShape


Bases: BulletShape

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of BulletTriangleMeshShape

__init__(mesh: BulletTriangleMesh, dynamic: bool, compress: bool, bvh: bool)

The parameters ‘compress’ and ‘bvh’ are only used if ‘dynamic’ is set to FALSE. Assumes the lock(bullet global lock) is held by the caller

__init__(copy: BulletTriangleMeshShape)
property dynamic bool
static get_class_type() panda3d.core.TypeHandle
is_dynamic() bool
is_static() bool
refit_tree(aabb_min: panda3d.core.LPoint3, aabb_max: panda3d.core.LPoint3)
property static bool