from panda3d.direct import DCSimpleParameter
class DCSimpleParameter


Bases: DCParameter

This is the most fundamental kind of parameter type: a single number or string, one of the DCSubatomicType elements. It may also optionally have a divisor, which is meaningful only for the numeric type elements (and represents a fixed-point numeric convention).

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of DCSimpleParameter

get_divisor() int

Returns the divisor associated with this type. This is 1 by default, but if this is other than one it represents the scale to apply when packing and unpacking numeric values (to store fixed-point values in an integer field). It is only meaningful for numeric-type fields.

get_modulus() float

Returns the modulus associated with this type, if any. It is an error to call this if has_modulus() returned false.

If present, this is the modulus that is used to constrain the numeric value of the field before it is packed (and range-checked).

get_type() DCSubatomicType

Returns the particular subatomic type represented by this instance.

has_modulus() bool

Returns true if there is a modulus associated, false otherwise.,