from panda3d.ode import OdeUtil
class OdeUtil


Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of OdeUtil

__init__(param0: OdeUtil)
static are_connected(body1: OdeBody, body2: OdeBody) int

Returns 1 if the given bodies are connected by a joint, returns 0 otherwise.

static are_connected_excluding(body1: OdeBody, body2: OdeBody, joint_type: int) int

Returns 1 if the given bodies are connected by a joint that does not match the given joint_type, returns 0 otherwise. This is useful for deciding whether to add contact joints between two bodies: if they are already connected by non-contact joints then it may not be appropriate to add contacts, however it is okay to add more contact between bodies that already have contacts.

static collide(geom1: OdeGeom, geom2: OdeGeom, max_contacts: int) OdeCollisionEntry

Given two geometry objects that potentially touch (geom1 and geom2), generate contact information for them. Returns an OdeCollisionEntry.

static collide2(geom1: OdeGeom, geom2: OdeGeom, arg: object, callback: object) int
static get_connecting_joint(body1: OdeBody, body2: OdeBody) OdeJoint

Returns the joint that connects the given bodies.

static get_connecting_joint_list(body1: OdeBody, body2: OdeBody) OdeJointCollection

Returns a collection of joints connecting the specified bodies.

static get_infinity() float

RAU we can’t access OC_infinity as constants are not exposed in python

static rand_get_seed() int
static rand_set_seed(s: int)
static space_to_geom(space: OdeSpace) OdeGeom