from panda3d.core import LoaderFileTypeRegistry
class LoaderFileTypeRegistry


This class maintains the set of all known LoaderFileTypes in the universe.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of LoaderFileTypeRegistry

__init__(param0: LoaderFileTypeRegistry)
__reduce__() object
static get_global_ptr() LoaderFileTypeRegistry

Returns a pointer to the global LoaderFileTypeRegistry object.

get_num_types() int

Returns the total number of types registered.

get_type(n: int) LoaderFileType

Returns the nth type registered.

get_type_from_extension(extension: str) LoaderFileType

Determines the type of the file based on the indicated extension (without a leading dot). Returns NULL if the extension matches no known file types.

get_types() list
register_deferred_type(entry_point: object)
register_type(type: object)
property types Sequence[LoaderFileType]

Returns the nth type registered.

unregister_type(type: object)
write(out: ostream, indent_level: int)

Writes a list of supported file types to the indicated output stream, one per line.