from panda3d.core import NurbsCurve
class NurbsCurve


Bases: PiecewiseCurve, NurbsCurveInterface

A Nonuniform Rational B-Spline.

This class is actually implemented as a PiecewiseCurve made up of several CubicCurvesegs, each of which is created using the nurbs_basis() method. The list of CV’s and knots is kept here, within the NurbsCurve class.

This class is the original Panda-native implementation of a NURBS curve. It is typedeffed as “NurbsCurve” and performs all NURBS curve functions if we do not have the NURBS++ library available.

However, if we do have the NURBS++ library, another class exists, the NurbsPPCurve, which is a wrapper around that library and provides some additional functionality. In that case, the other class is typedeffed to “NurbsCurve” instead of this one, and performs most of the NURBS curve functions. This class then becomes vestigial.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of NurbsCurve

__init__(pc: ParametricCurve)

Constructs a NURBS curve equivalent to the indicated (possibly non-NURBS) curve.

static get_class_type() TypeHandle