from direct.distributed.DistributedNode import DistributedNode

DistributedNode module: contains the DistributedNode class

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of direct.distributed.DistributedNode

class DistributedNode(cr)[source]

Bases: DistributedObject, NodePath

Distributed Node class:

__init__(self, cr)[source]
b_setParent(self, parentToken)[source]
d_setH(self, h)[source]
d_setHpr(self, h, p, r)[source]
d_setP(self, p)[source]
d_setParent(self, parentToken)[source]
d_setPos(self, x, y, z)[source]
d_setPosHpr(self, x, y, z, h, p, r)[source]
d_setR(self, r)[source]
d_setX(self, x)[source]
d_setXY(self, x, y)[source]
d_setXYH(self, x, y, h)[source]
d_setXYZH(self, x, y, z, h)[source]
d_setXZ(self, x, z)[source]
d_setY(self, y)[source]
d_setZ(self, z)[source]
do_setParent(self, int parentToken)[source]

This function is defined simply to allow a derived class (like DistributedAvatar) to override the behavior of setParent if desired.

setLocation(self, parentId, zoneId, teleport=0)[source]
setParent(self, parentToken)[source]
setParentStr(self, parentTokenStr)[source]
setXY(self, x, y)[source]
setXYH(self, x, y, h)[source]
setXYZH(self, x, y, z, h)[source]
setXZ(self, x, z)[source]