from panda3d.physics import ParticleSystem
class ParticleSystem


Bases: Physical

Contains and manages a particle system.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of ParticleSystem

__init__(copy: ParticleSystem)

Copy Constructor.

__init__(pool_size: int)

Default Constructor.

add_spawn_template(ps: ParticleSystem)

spawns a new batch of particles


Resets the system to its start state by resizing to 0, then resizing back to current size.

get_active_system_flag() bool
get_birth_rate() float
static get_class_type() panda3d.core.TypeHandle
get_emitter() BaseParticleEmitter
get_factory() BaseParticleFactory
get_floor_z() float
get_i_was_spawned_flag() bool
get_litter_size() int
get_litter_spread() int
get_living_particles() int
get_local_velocity_flag() bool
get_pool_size() int
get_render_parent() panda3d.core.NodePath
get_renderer() BaseParticleRenderer
get_soft_birth_rate() float
get_spawn_on_death_flag() bool
get_spawn_render_node() panda3d.core.PandaNode
get_spawn_render_node_path() panda3d.core.NodePath
get_system_age() float
get_system_grows_older_flag() bool
get_system_lifespan() float
get_tics_since_birth() float

Forces the birth of a particle litter this frame by resetting _tics_since_birth


Populates an attached GeomNode structure with the particle geometry for rendering. This is a wrapper for accessability.

set_active_system_flag(a: bool)
set_birth_rate(new_br: float)
set_emitter(e: BaseParticleEmitter)
set_factory(f: BaseParticleFactory)
set_floor_z(z: float)
set_litter_size(new_ls: int)
set_litter_spread(new_ls: int)
set_local_velocity_flag(lv: bool)
set_pool_size(size: int)


set_render_parent(node: panda3d.core.NodePath)
set_render_parent(node: panda3d.core.PandaNode)
set_renderer(r: BaseParticleRenderer)
set_soft_birth_rate(new_br: float)
set_spawn_on_death_flag(sod: bool)
set_spawn_render_node(node: panda3d.core.PandaNode)
set_spawn_render_node_path(node: panda3d.core.NodePath)
set_system_age(age: float)
set_system_grows_older_flag(sgo: bool)
set_system_lifespan(sl: float)
set_template_system_flag(tsf: bool)
soft_start(br: float, first_birth_delay: float)

Causes system to use birth rate set by set_birth_rate(). If first_birth_delay is specified, it specifies the number of seconds to wait in addition to the birth rate before the first particle is birthed. It is legal for this to be a negative value, which causes the first birth to happen sooner rather than later.

soft_stop(br: float)

Causes system to use birth rate set by set_soft_birth_rate()

update(dt: float)
write_free_particle_fifo(out: panda3d.core.ostream, indent: int)

Write a string representation of this instance to <out>.

write_spawn_templates(out: panda3d.core.ostream, indent: int)

Write a string representation of this instance to <out>.