from panda3d._rplight import RPSpotLight
class RPSpotLight


Bases: RPLight

This represents a spot light, a light which has a position, radius, direction and FoV. Checkout the RenderPipeline documentation for more information about this type of light.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of RPSpotLight


This creates a new spot light with default properties set. You should set at least a direction, fov, radius and position to make the light useful.

property direction LVecBase3
property fov float
get_direction() panda3d.core.LVecBase3
get_fov() float
get_radius() float
look_at(point: panda3d.core.LVecBase3)
look_at(x: float, y: float, z: float)
property radius float
set_direction(direction: panda3d.core.LVecBase3)
set_direction(dx: float, dy: float, dz: float)
set_fov(fov: float)
set_radius(radius: float)