from panda3d.core import BillboardEffect
class BillboardEffect


Bases: RenderEffect

Indicates that geometry at this node should automatically rotate to face the camera, or any other arbitrary node.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of BillboardEffect

get_axial_rotate() bool

Returns true if this billboard rotates only around the axis of the up vector, or false if it rotates freely in three dimensions.

static get_class_type() TypeHandle
get_eye_relative() bool

Returns true if this billboard interprets the up vector relative to the camera, or false if it is relative to the world.

get_fixed_depth() bool

Returns true if this billboard always appears at a fixed distance from the camera.

get_look_at() NodePath

Returns the node this billboard will rotate to look towards. If this is empty, it means the billboard will rotate towards the current camera node, wherever that might be.

get_look_at_point() LPoint3

Returns the point, relative to the look_at() node, towards which the billboard will rotate. Normally this is (0, 0, 0).

get_offset() float

Returns the distance toward the camera (or the look_at_point) the billboard is moved towards, after rotating. This can be used to ensure the billboard is not obscured by nearby geometry.

get_up_vector() LVector3

Returns the up vector in effect for this billboard.

is_off() bool

Returns true if the BillboardEffect is an ‘off’ BillboardEffect, indicating that it does not enable billboarding. This kind of BillboardEffect isn’t particularly useful and isn’t normally created or stored in the graph; it might be implicitly discovered as the result of a NodePath::get_rel_state().

static make(up_vector: LVector3, eye_relative: bool, axial_rotate: bool, offset: float, look_at: NodePath, look_at_point: LPoint3, fixed_depth: bool) RenderEffect

Constructs a new BillboardEffect object with the indicated properties.

static make_axis() RenderEffect

A convenience function to make a typical axis-rotating billboard.

static make_point_eye() RenderEffect

A convenience function to make a typical eye-relative point-rotating billboard.

static make_point_world() RenderEffect

A convenience function to make a typical world-relative point-rotating billboard.