from panda3d.direct import DCPackerInterface
class DCPackerInterface


This defines the internal interface for packing values into a DCField. The various different DC objects inherit from this.

Normally these methods are called only by the DCPacker object; the user wouldn’t normally call these directly.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of DCPackerInterface

as_class_parameter() DCClassParameter
as_class_parameter() DCClassParameter
as_field() DCField
as_field() DCField
as_switch_parameter() DCSwitchParameter
as_switch_parameter() DCSwitchParameter
check_match(other: DCPackerInterface) bool

Returns true if the other interface is bitwise the same as this one–that is, a uint32 only matches a uint32, etc. Names of components, and range limits, are not compared.

check_match(description: str, dcfile: DCFile) bool

Returns true if this interface is bitwise the same as the interface described with the indicated formatted string, e.g. “(uint8, uint8, int16)”, or false otherwise.

If DCFile is not NULL, it specifies the DCFile that was previously loaded, from which some predefined structs and typedefs may be referenced in the description string.

find_seek_index(name: str) int

Returns the index number to be passed to a future call to DCPacker.seek() to seek directly to the named field without having to look up the field name in a table later, or -1 if the named field cannot be found.

If the named field is nested within a switch or some similar dynamic structure that reveals different fields based on the contents of the data, this mechanism cannot be used to pre-fetch the field index number–you must seek for the field by name.

get_name() str

Returns the name of this field, or empty string if the field is unnamed.