from panda3d.core import CharacterJointEffect
class CharacterJointEffect


Bases: RenderEffect

This effect will be added automatically to a node by CharacterJoint.add_net_transform() and CharacterJoint.add_local_transform().

The effect binds the node back to the character, so that querying the relative transform of the affected node will automatically force the indicated character to be updated first.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of CharacterJointEffect

get_character() Character

Returns the Character that will get update() called on it when this node’s relative transform is queried, or NULL if there is no such character.

static get_class_type() TypeHandle
static make(character: Character) RenderEffect

Constructs a new CharacterJointEffect object that references the indicated character. When a relative get_transform() is called on the node that contains the CharacterJointEffect, it will implicitly call character->update() first.