from panda3d.physics import LinearCylinderVortexForce
class LinearCylinderVortexForce


Bases: LinearForce

Defines a cylinder inside of which all forces are tangential to the theta of the particle wrt the z-axis in local coord. space. This happens by assigning the force a node by which the cylinder is transformed. Be warned- this will suck anything that it can reach directly into orbit and will NOT let go.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of LinearCylinderVortexForce

__init__(copy: LinearCylinderVortexForce)

copy Constructor

__init__(radius: float, length: float, coef: float, a: float, md: bool)

Simple Constructor

static get_class_type() panda3d.core.TypeHandle
get_coef() float
get_length() float
get_radius() float
set_coef(coef: float)
set_length(length: float)
set_radius(radius: float)