from panda3d.core import MovingPartBase
class MovingPartBase


Bases: PartGroup

This is the base class for a single animatable piece that may be bound to one channel (or more, if blending is in effect). It corresponds to, for instance, a single joint or slider of a character.

MovingPartBase does not have a particular value type. See the derived template class, MovingPart, for this.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of MovingPartBase

get_bound(n: int) AnimChannelBase

Returns the nth bound channel on this PartGroup. n can be determined by iterating from 0 to one less than get_max_bound(); or n might be AnimControl.get_channel_index().

This will return NULL if there is no channel bound on the indicated index. It is an error to call this if n is less than zero or greater than or equal to get_max_bound().

static get_class_type() TypeHandle
get_max_bound() int

Returns the number of channels that might be bound to this PartGroup. This might not be the actual number of channels, since there might be holes in the list; it is one more than the index number of the highest bound channel. Thus, it is called get_max_bound() instead of get_num_bound().

output_value(out: ostream)