from import CLerpInterval
class CLerpInterval


Bases: CInterval

The base class for a family of intervals that linearly interpolate one or more numeric values over time.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of CLerpInterval

enum BlendType
enumerator BT_no_blend = 0
enumerator BT_ease_in = 1
enumerator BT_ease_out = 2
enumerator BT_ease_in_out = 3
enumerator BT_invalid = 4
__init__(param0: CLerpInterval)
get_blend_type() BlendType

Returns the blend type specified for the interval. This controls how the linear interpolation behaves near the beginning and end of the lerp period.

static get_class_type() panda3d.core.TypeHandle
static string_blend_type(blend_type: str) BlendType

Returns the BlendType enumerated value corresponding to the indicated string, or BT_invalid if the string doesn’t match anything.