from panda3d.physics import ActorNode
class ActorNode


Bases: PhysicalNode

Like a physical node, but with a little more. The actornode assumes responsibility for its own transform, and changes in its own PhysicsObject will be reflected as transforms. This relation goes both ways; changes in the transform will update the object’s position (shoves).

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of ActorNode

__init__(copy: ActorNode)

Copy Constructor.

__init__(name: str)


static get_class_type() panda3d.core.TypeHandle
get_contact_vector() panda3d.core.LVector3
get_physics_object() PhysicsObject
set_contact_vector(contact_vector: panda3d.core.LVector3)
set_transform_limit(limit: float)

this sets the transform generated by the contained Physical, moving the node and subsequent geometry. i.e. copy from PhysicsObject to PandaNode