from panda3d.core import WeakPointerToVoid
class WeakPointerToVoid


Bases: PointerToVoid

This is the specialization of PointerToVoid for weak pointers. It needs an additional flag to indicate that the pointer has been deleted.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of WeakPointerToVoid

is_valid_pointer() bool

Returns true if the pointer is not null and the object has not been deleted. See was_deleted() for caveats.

was_deleted() bool

Returns true if the object we are pointing to has been deleted, false otherwise. If this returns true, it means that the pointer can not yet be reused, but it does not guarantee that it can be safely accessed. See the lock() method for a safe way to access the underlying pointer.

This will always return true for a null pointer, unlike is_valid_pointer().