from panda3d.core import UvScrollNode
class UvScrollNode


Bases: PandaNode

This node is placed at key points within the scene graph to animate uvs.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of UvScrollNode

__init__(name: str)
__init__(name: str, u_speed: float, v_speed: float, w_speed: float, r_speed: float)
static get_class_type() TypeHandle
get_r_speed() float
get_u_speed() float
get_v_speed() float
get_w_speed() float
property r_speed float
set_r_speed(r_speed: float)
set_u_speed(u_speed: float)
set_v_speed(v_speed: float)
set_w_speed(w_speed: float)
property u_speed float
property v_speed float
property w_speed float