from panda3d.core import SubfileInfo
class SubfileInfo


This class records a particular byte sub-range within an existing file on disk. Generally, the filename is understood as a physical file on disk, and not to be looked up via the vfs.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of SubfileInfo

__init__(file: FileReference, start: int, size: int)
__init__(filename: Filename, start: int, size: int)
__init__(copy: SubfileInfo)
assign(copy: SubfileInfo) SubfileInfo
get_file() FileReference

Returns the FileReference that represents this file.

get_filename() Filename

A shortcut to the filename.

get_size() int

Returns the number of consecutive bytes, beginning at get_start(), that correspond to this file data.

get_start() int

Returns the offset within the file at which this file data begins.

is_empty() bool

Returns true if this SubfileInfo doesn’t define any file, false if it has real data.

output(out: ostream)