from panda3d.core import Buffered_DatagramConnection
class Buffered_DatagramConnection


Bases: Socket_TCP

there are 3 states 1. Socket not even assigned,,,, 2. Socket Assigned and trying to get a active connect open 3. Socket is open and writable.. ( Fully powered up )…

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of Buffered_DatagramConnection

AddAddress(inadr: Socket_Address)

must be called to set value to the server

AddressQueueSize() int

address queue stuff

DoConnect() bool

all the real state magic is in here

Flush() bool

Flush all writes.

GetMessage(val: Datagram) bool

Reads a message. Returns false on failure.

IsConnected() bool

all the real state magic is in here



SendMessage(msg: Datagram) bool

the reason thsi all exists

WaitForNetworkReadEvent(MaxTime: float)
__init__(rbufsize: int, wbufsize: int, write_flush_point: int)
static get_class_type() TypeHandle