class ActorNode

Bases: PhysicalNode

Like a physical node, but with a little more. The actornode assumes responsibility for its own transform, and changes in its own PhysicsObject will be reflected as transforms. This relation goes both ways; changes in the transform will update the object’s position (shoves).

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of ActorNode

explicit ActorNode(std::string const &name = "")
ActorNode(ActorNode const &copy)


Copy Constructor.

static TypeHandle get_class_type(void)
LVector3 const &get_contact_vector(void) const
PhysicsObject *get_physics_object(void)
void set_contact_vector(LVector3 const &contact_vector)
void set_transform_limit(PN_stdfloat limit)
void update_transform(void)

update the parent scene graph node with PhysicsObject information i.e. copy from PhysicsObject to PandaNode

this sets the transform generated by the contained Physical, moving the node and subsequent geometry. i.e. copy from PhysicsObject to PandaNode