Source code for direct.distributed.NetMessenger

from direct.directnotify import DirectNotifyGlobal
from direct.distributed.PyDatagram import PyDatagram
from direct.showbase.Messenger import Messenger
from pickle import dumps, loads

# Messages do not need to be in the MESSAGE_TYPES list.
# This is just an optimization.  If the message is found
# in this list, it is reduced to an integer index and
# the message string is not sent.  Otherwise, the message
# string is sent in the datagram.

# This is the reverse look up for the recipient of the
# datagram:
for i in zip(MESSAGE_TYPES, range(1, len(MESSAGE_TYPES)+1)):

[docs]class NetMessenger(Messenger): """ This works very much like the Messenger class except that messages are sent over the network and (possibly) handled (accepted) on a remote machine (server). """ notify = DirectNotifyGlobal.directNotify.newCategory('NetMessenger')
[docs] def __init__(self, air, channels): """ air is the AI Repository. channels is a list of channel IDs (uint32 values) """ assert self.notify.debugCall() Messenger.__init__(self) self.air=air self.channels=channels for i in self.channels: self.air.registerForChannel(i)
[docs] def clear(self): assert self.notify.debugCall() for i in self.channels: self.air.unRegisterChannel(i) del self.air del self.channels Messenger.clear(self)
[docs] def send(self, message, sentArgs=[]): """ Send message to All AI and Uber Dog servers. """ assert self.notify.debugCall() datagram = PyDatagram() # To: datagram.addUint8(1) datagram.addChannel(self.channels[0]) # From: datagram.addChannel(self.air.ourChannel) #if 1: # We send this just because the air expects it: # # Add an 'A' for AI # datagram.addUint8(ord('A')) messageType=MESSAGE_STRINGS.get(message, 0) datagram.addUint16(messageType) if messageType: datagram.addString(str(dumps(sentArgs))) else: datagram.addString(str(dumps((message, sentArgs)))) self.air.send(datagram)
[docs] def handle(self, pickleData): """ Send pickleData from the net on the local netMessenger. The internal data in pickleData should have a tuple of (messageString, sendArgsList). """ assert self.notify.debugCall() messageType=self.air.getMsgType() if messageType: message=MESSAGE_TYPES[messageType-1] sentArgs=loads(pickleData) else: (message, sentArgs) = loads(pickleData) Messenger.send(self, message, sentArgs=sentArgs)