Source code for direct.distributed.DistributedNodeUD

from .DistributedObjectUD import DistributedObjectUD

[docs]class DistributedNodeUD(DistributedObjectUD):
[docs] def __init__(self, air, name=None): # Be careful not to create multiple NodePath objects if not hasattr(self, 'DistributedNodeUD_initialized'): self.DistributedNodeUD_initialized = 1 DistributedObjectUD.__init__(self, air) if name is None: name = self.__class__.__name__
[docs] def b_setParent(self, parentToken): if isinstance(parentToken, str): self.setParentStr(parentToken) else: self.setParent(parentToken) self.d_setParent(parentToken)
[docs] def d_setParent(self, parentToken): if isinstance(parentToken, str): self.sendUpdate("setParentStr", [parentToken]) else: self.sendUpdate("setParent", [parentToken])
[docs] def setParentStr(self, parentToken): self.notify.debugCall() if len(parentToken) > 0: self.do_setParent(parentToken)
[docs] def setParent(self, parentToken): self.notify.debugCall() self.do_setParent(parentToken)
[docs] def do_setParent(self, parentToken): self.getParentMgr().requestReparent(self, parentToken)
###### set pos and hpr functions ####### # setX provided by NodePath
[docs] def d_setX(self, x): self.sendUpdate("setX", [x])
# setY provided by NodePath
[docs] def d_setY(self, y): self.sendUpdate("setY", [y])
# setZ provided by NodePath
[docs] def d_setZ(self, z): self.sendUpdate("setZ", [z])
# setH provided by NodePath
[docs] def d_setH(self, h): self.sendUpdate("setH", [h])
# setP provided by NodePath
[docs] def d_setP(self, p): self.sendUpdate("setP", [p])
# setR provided by NodePath
[docs] def d_setR(self, r): self.sendUpdate("setR", [r])
[docs] def setXY(self, x, y): self.setX(x) self.setY(y)
[docs] def d_setXY(self, x, y): self.sendUpdate("setXY", [x, y])
# setPos provided by NodePath
[docs] def d_setPos(self, x, y, z): self.sendUpdate("setPos", [x, y, z])
# setHpr provided by NodePath
[docs] def d_setHpr(self, h, p, r): self.sendUpdate("setHpr", [h, p, r])
[docs] def setXYH(self, x, y, h): self.setX(x) self.setY(y) self.setH(h)
[docs] def d_setXYH(self, x, y, h): self.sendUpdate("setXYH", [x, y, h])
[docs] def setXYZH(self, x, y, z, h): self.setPos(x, y, z) self.setH(h)
[docs] def d_setXYZH(self, x, y, z, h): self.sendUpdate("setXYZH", [x, y, z, h])
# setPosHpr provided by NodePath
[docs] def d_setPosHpr(self, x, y, z, h, p, r): self.sendUpdate("setPosHpr", [x, y, z, h, p, r])