Source code for direct.controls.ObserverWalker

""" is for avatars.

A walker control such as this one provides:

- creation of the collision nodes
- handling the keyboard and mouse input for avatar movement
- moving the avatar

it does not:

- play sounds
- play animations

although it does send messages that allow a listener to play sounds or
animations based on walker events.

from panda3d.core import *
from direct.directnotify import DirectNotifyGlobal
from . import NonPhysicsWalker

[docs]class ObserverWalker(NonPhysicsWalker.NonPhysicsWalker): notify = DirectNotifyGlobal.directNotify.newCategory("ObserverWalker") # Ghosts slide instead of jump: slideName = "jump"
[docs] def initializeCollisions(self, collisionTraverser, avatarNodePath, avatarRadius = 1.4, floorOffset = 1.0, reach = 1.0): """ Set up the avatar for collisions """ assert not avatarNodePath.isEmpty() self.cTrav = collisionTraverser self.avatarNodePath = avatarNodePath # Set up the collision sphere # This is a sphere on the ground to detect barrier collisions self.cSphere = CollisionSphere(0.0, 0.0, 0.0, avatarRadius) cSphereNode = CollisionNode('Observer.cSphereNode') cSphereNode.addSolid(self.cSphere) self.cSphereNodePath = avatarNodePath.attachNewNode(cSphereNode) cSphereNode.setFromCollideMask(self.cSphereBitMask) cSphereNode.setIntoCollideMask(BitMask32.allOff()) # set up wall collision mechanism self.pusher = CollisionHandlerPusher() self.pusher.setInPattern("enter%in") self.pusher.setOutPattern("exit%in") self.pusher.addCollider(self.cSphereNodePath, avatarNodePath) # activate the collider with the traverser and pusher self.setCollisionsActive(1) class Foo: def hasContact(self): return 1 self.lifter = Foo()
[docs] def deleteCollisions(self): del self.cTrav del self.cSphere self.cSphereNodePath.removeNode() del self.cSphereNodePath del self.pusher
[docs] def setCollisionsActive(self, active = 1): assert self.debugPrint("setCollisionsActive(active%s)"%(active,)) if self.collisionsActive != active: self.collisionsActive = active if active: self.cTrav.addCollider(self.cSphereNodePath, self.pusher) else: self.cTrav.removeCollider(self.cSphereNodePath) # Now that we have disabled collisions, make one more pass # right now to ensure we aren't standing in a wall. self.oneTimeCollide()
[docs] def oneTimeCollide(self): """ Makes one quick collision pass for the avatar, for instance as a one-time straighten-things-up operation after collisions have been disabled. """ tempCTrav = CollisionTraverser("oneTimeCollide") tempCTrav.addCollider(self.cSphereNodePath, self.pusher) tempCTrav.traverse(render)
[docs] def enableAvatarControls(self): """ Activate the arrow keys, etc. """ assert self.debugPrint("enableAvatarControls")
[docs] def disableAvatarControls(self): """ Ignore the arrow keys, etc. """ assert self.debugPrint("disableAvatarControls")