from panda3d.physics import PhysicalNode
class PhysicalNode


Bases: PandaNode

Graph node that encapsulated a series of physical objects

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of PhysicalNode

__init__(name: str)

default constructor

addPhysical(physical: Physical)

Adds a Physical to this PhysicalNode. If it is already added to this node, does nothing. It is an error to add a Physical to multiple PhysicalNodes.

addPhysicalsFrom(other: PhysicalNode)

append operation

static getClassType() panda3d.core.TypeHandle
getNumPhysicals() int
getPhysical(index: int) Physical
getPhysicals() list
insertPhysical(index: int, physical: Physical)

insert operation

property physicals Sequence[Physical]

Getter Setter

replace operation

removePhysical(physical: Physical)

remove operation

removePhysical(index: int)

remove operation

setPhysical(index: int, physical: Physical)

replace operation