from panda3d.core import DownloadDb
class DownloadDb


A listing of files within multifiles for management of client-side synchronization with a server-provided set of files.

This class manages one copy of the database for the client, representing the files on the client system, and another copy for the server, representing the files the server has available.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of DownloadDb

enum Status

Status of a multifile is stored in this enum Note these values are in increasing order of “doneness” So if you are decompressed, you are complete If you are extracted, you are decompressed and complete

enumerator Status_incomplete = 0
enumerator Status_complete = 1
enumerator Status_decompressed = 2
enumerator Status_extracted = 3

Primarily used for testing.

__init__(param0: DownloadDb)
__init__(server_file: Filename, client_file: Filename)

Create a download db with these client and server dbs

__init__(server_file: Ramfile, client_file: Filename)

Create a download db with these client and server dbs

addClientMultifile(server_mfname: str)
addVersion(name: Filename, hash: HashVal, version: int)

Appends a new version of the file onto the end of the list, or changes the hash associated with a version previously added.

Note: version numbers start at 1

clientMultifileComplete(mfname: str) bool

A multifile is complete when it is completely downloaded. Note: it may already be decompressed or extracted and it is still complete

clientMultifileDecompressed(mfname: str) bool
clientMultifileExists(mfname: str) bool

Queries from the Launcher

clientMultifileExtracted(mfname: str) bool

Used on the server side makefiles to create a new clean server db

deleteClientMultifile(mfname: str)

Operations on multifiles

expandClientMultifile(mfname: str)
getClientMultifileHash(mfname: str) HashVal

Return the hash value of the file we are working on

getClientMultifileName(index: int) str
getClientMultifilePhase(mfname: str) float
getClientMultifileSize(mfname: str) int
getClientNumMultifiles() int
getHash(name: Filename, version: int) HashVal

Returns the MD5 hash associated with the indicated version of the indicated file.

getNumVersions(name: Filename) int

Returns the number of versions stored for the indicated file.

getServerFileName(mfname: str, index: int) str
getServerMultifileHash(mfname: str) HashVal

Return the hash value of the server file

getServerMultifileName(index: int) str
getServerMultifilePhase(mfname: str) float
getServerMultifileSize(mfname: str) int
getServerNumFiles(mfname: str) int
getServerNumMultifiles() int
getVersion(name: Filename, hash: HashVal) int

Returns the version number of this particular file, determined by looking up the hash generated from the file. Returns -1 if the version number cannot be determined.

hasVersion(name: Filename) bool

Returns true if the indicated file has version information, false otherwise. Some files recorded in the database may not bother to track versions.

insertNewVersion(name: Filename, hash: HashVal)

Inserts a new version 1 copy of the file, sliding all the other versions up by one.

output(out: ostream)
readDb(file: Filename, want_server_info: bool) Db
readDb(file: Ramfile, want_server_info: bool) Db
serverAddFile(mfname: str, fname: str)
serverAddMultifile(mfname: str, phase: float, size: int, status: int)
setClientMultifileComplete(mfname: str)
setClientMultifileDecompressed(mfname: str)
setClientMultifileDeltaSize(mfname: str, size: int) int
setClientMultifileExtracted(mfname: str)
setClientMultifileHash(mfname: str, val: HashVal)

Set the hash value of file we are working on

setClientMultifileIncomplete(mfname: str)
setClientMultifileSize(mfname: str, size: int)
setNumVersions(name: Filename, num_versions: int)

Reduces the number of versions of a particular file stored in the ddb by throwing away all versions higher than the indicated index.

setServerMultifileHash(mfname: str, val: HashVal)

Set the hash value of file we are working on

setServerMultifileSize(mfname: str, size: int)
write(out: ostream)
writeClientDb(file: Filename) bool

Write a database file

writeDb(file: Filename, db: Db, want_server_info: bool) bool
writeServerDb(file: Filename) bool
writeVersionMap(out: ostream)