from panda3d.core import DatagramSinkNet
class DatagramSinkNet


Bases: DatagramSink, ConnectionWriter

This class accepts datagrams one-at-a-time and sends them over the net, via a TCP connection.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of DatagramSinkNet

__init__(manager: ConnectionManager, num_threads: int)

Creates a new DatagramSinkNet with the indicated number of threads to handle writing. Normally num_threads should be either 0 or 1 to guarantee that datagrams are delivered in the same order in which they were sent.


Ensures that all datagrams previously written will be visible on the stream.

getTarget() Connection

Returns the current target Connection, or NULL if the target has not yet been set. See setTarget().

isError() bool

Returns true if there is an error on the target connection, or if the target has never been set.

putDatagram(data: Datagram) bool

Sends the given datagram to the target. Returns true on success, false if there is an error. Blocks if necessary until the target is ready.

setTarget(connection: Connection)

Specifies the Connection that will receive all future Datagrams sent.