from panda3d.egg import EggVertexAux
class EggVertexAux

Bases: EggNamedObject

The set of named auxiliary data that may or may not be assigned to a vertex. Panda will import this data and create a custom column for it in the vertex data, but will not otherwise interpret it. Presumably, a shader will process the data later.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of EggVertexAux

__init__(copy: EggVertexAux)
__init__(name: str, aux: panda3d.core.LVecBase4d)
assign(copy: EggVertexAux)EggVertexAux
compareTo(other: EggVertexAux)int

An ordering operator to compare two vertices for sorting order. This imposes an arbitrary ordering useful to identify unique vertices.


Returns the auxiliary data quadruple.

static getClassType()panda3d.core.TypeHandle
static makeAverage(first: EggVertexAux, second: EggVertexAux)EggVertexAux

Creates a new EggVertexAux that contains the averaged values of the two given objects. It is an error if they don’t have the same name.

setAux(aux: panda3d.core.LVecBase4d)

Sets the auxiliary data quadruple.

setName(name: str)
write(out: panda3d.core.ostream, indent_level: int)