from panda3d.physics import BaseParticleRenderer
class BaseParticleRenderer


Bases: ReferenceCount

Pure virtual particle renderer base class

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of BaseParticleRenderer

enum ParticleRendererAlphaMode
enumerator PR_ALPHA_NONE = 0
enumerator PR_ALPHA_OUT = 1
enumerator PR_ALPHA_IN = 2
enumerator PR_ALPHA_IN_OUT = 3
enumerator PR_ALPHA_USER = 4
enum ParticleRendererBlendMethod
enumerator PP_NO_BLEND = 0
enumerator PP_BLEND_LINEAR = 1
enumerator PP_BLEND_CUBIC = 2
getAlphaMode() ParticleRendererAlphaMode
getIgnoreScale() bool

Returns the “ignore scale” flag. See setIgnoreScale().

getRenderNode() panda3d.core.GeomNode

Query the geomnode pointer

getRenderNodePath() panda3d.core.NodePath

Query the geomnode pointer

getUserAlpha() float

gets alpha for “user” alpha mode

output(out: panda3d.core.ostream)

Write a string representation of this instance to <out>.

setAlphaMode(am: ParticleRendererAlphaMode)
setColorBlendMode(bm: panda3d.core.Mode, oa: panda3d.core.Operand, ob: panda3d.core.Operand)

sets the ColorBlendAttrib on the _render_node

setIgnoreScale(ignore_scale: bool)

Sets the “ignore scale” flag. When this is true, particles will be drawn as if they had no scale, regardless of whatever scale might be inherited from above the render node in the scene graph.

This flag is mainly useful to support legacy code that was written for a very early version of Panda, whose sprite particle renderer had a bug that incorrectly ignored the inherited scale.

setUserAlpha(ua: float)

sets alpha for “user” alpha mode

write(out: panda3d.core.ostream, indent: int)

Write a string representation of this instance to <out>.