from direct.tkwidgets.WidgetPropertiesDialog import WidgetPropertiesDialog

Contains the WidgetPropertiesDialog class.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of direct.tkwidgets.WidgetPropertiesDialog

class WidgetPropertiesDialog(propertyDict, propertyList=None, parent=None, title='Widget Properties')[source]

Bases: Toplevel

Class to open dialogs to adjust widget properties.

__init__(self, propertyDict, propertyList=None, parent=None, title='Widget Properties')[source]

Initialize a dialog. :param propertyDict – a dictionary of properties to be edited: :param parent – a parent window: :type parent – a parent window: the application window :param title – the dialog title:


process the data

This method is called automatically to process the data, after the dialog is destroyed. By default, it does nothing.

body(self, master)[source]

create dialog body. return entry that should have initial focus. This method should be overridden, and is called by the __init__ method.


add standard button box buttons.

cancel(self, event=None)[source]

Destroy the window

intOrNone(self, val)[source]
modified(self, widget, entry, property, type, fNone)[source]
ok(self, event=None)[source]
realOrNone(self, val)[source]