from panda3d.core import DatagramGeneratorNet
class DatagramGeneratorNet


Bases: DatagramGenerator, ConnectionReader, QueuedReturn_Datagram

This class provides datagrams one-at-a-time as read directly from the net, via a TCP connection. If a datagram is not available, getDatagram() will block until one is.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of DatagramGeneratorNet

__init__(manager: ConnectionManager, num_threads: int)

Creates a new DatagramGeneratorNet with the indicated number of threads to handle requests. Normally num_threads should be either 0 or 1 to guarantee that datagrams are generated in the same order in which they were received.

getDatagram(data: Datagram) bool

Reads the next datagram from the stream. Blocks until a datagram is available. Returns true on success, false on stream closed or error.

isEof() bool

Returns true if the stream has been closed normally. This test may only be made after a call to getDatagram() has failed.

isError() bool

Returns true if the stream has an error condition.