from panda3d.core import GamepadButton
class GamepadButton

This class is just used as a convenient namespace for grouping all of these handy functions that return buttons which map to gamepad buttons.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of GamepadButton

__init__(param0: GamepadButton)
static back()ButtonHandle
static dpadDown()ButtonHandle
static dpadLeft()ButtonHandle
static dpadRight()ButtonHandle
static dpadUp()ButtonHandle
static face1()ButtonHandle
static face2()ButtonHandle
static faceA()ButtonHandle
static faceB()ButtonHandle
static faceC()ButtonHandle
static faceX()ButtonHandle
static faceY()ButtonHandle
static faceZ()ButtonHandle
static guide()ButtonHandle
static hatDown()ButtonHandle
static hatLeft()ButtonHandle
static hatRight()ButtonHandle
static hatUp()ButtonHandle
static joystick(button_number: int)ButtonHandle

Returns the ButtonHandle associated with the particular numbered joystick button (zero-based), if there is one, or ButtonHandle.none() if there is not.

static lgrip()ButtonHandle
static lshoulder()ButtonHandle
static lstick()ButtonHandle
static ltrigger()ButtonHandle
static next()ButtonHandle
static previous()ButtonHandle
static rgrip()ButtonHandle
static rshoulder()ButtonHandle
static rstick()ButtonHandle
static rtrigger()ButtonHandle
static start()ButtonHandle
static trigger()ButtonHandle

Flight stick buttons, takes zero-based index. First is always trigger.