from panda3d.core import AnimBundleNode
class AnimBundleNode


Bases: PandaNode

This is a node that contains a pointer to an AnimBundle. Like PartBundleNode, it exists solely to make it easy to store AnimBundles in the scene graph.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of AnimBundleNode

__init__(name: str, bundle: AnimBundle)

The AnimBundle and its node should be constructed together. Generally, the derived classes of AnimBundleNode will automatically create a AnimBundle of the appropriate type, and pass it up to this constructor.

property bundle AnimBundle
static findAnimBundle(root: PandaNode) AnimBundle

Recursively walks the scene graph beginning at the indicated node (which need not be an AnimBundleNode), and returns the first AnimBundle found. Returns NULL if no AnimBundle can be found.

getBundle() AnimBundle
static getClassType() TypeHandle