from panda3d.core import LPoint2f
class LPoint2f

Bases: LVecBase2f

This is a two-component point in space.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of LPoint2f

__add__(other: LVecBase2f)LVecBase2f
__add__(other: LVector2f)LPoint2f
__div__(scalar: float)LPoint2f
__getattr__(attr_name: str)object
__init__(param0: LPoint2f)
__init__(copy: LVecBase2f)

Constructs a new LPoint2 from a LVecBase2

__init__(fill_value: float)

Constructs a new LPoint2 all components set to the fill value.

__init__(x: float, y: float)

Constructs a new LPoint2 with the given components

__mul__(scalar: float)LPoint2f
__setattr__(attr_name: str, assign: object)int
__sub__(other: LPoint2f)LVector2f
__sub__(other: LVecBase2f)LVecBase2f
__sub__(other: LVector2f)LPoint2f
__sub__(other: LPoint2f)LVector2f
__sub__(other: LVecBase2f)LVecBase2f
__sub__(other: LVector2f)LPoint2f
static getClassType()TypeHandle

Normalizes the vector and returns the normalized vector as a copy. If the vector was a zero-length vector, a zero length vector will be returned.

project(onto: LVecBase2f)LPoint2f

Returns a new vector representing the projection of this vector onto another one. The resulting vector will be a scalar multiple of onto.

static unitX()LPoint2f

Returns a unit X point.

static unitY()LPoint2f

Returns a unit Y point.

static zero()LPoint2f

Returns a zero-length point.