from direct.directnotify.DirectNotify import DirectNotify

DirectNotify module: this module contains the DirectNotify class

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of direct.directnotify.DirectNotify

class DirectNotify[source]

Bases: object

DirectNotify class: this class contains methods for creating mulitple notify categories via a dictionary of Notifiers.


DirectNotify class keeps a dictionary of Notfiers


Return list of category dictionary keys

getCategory(self, string)[source]

Return the category with given name if present, None otherwise

giveNotify(self, cls)[source]
newCategory(self, string)[source]

Make a new notify category named categoryName. Return new category if no such category exists, else return existing category

popupControls(self, tl=None)[source]
setDconfigLevel(self, categoryName)[source]

Check to see if this category has a dconfig variable to set the notify severity and then set that level. You cannot set these until config is set.