from panda3d.core import LRotationd
class LRotationd

Bases: LQuaterniond

This is a unit quaternion representing a rotation.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of LRotationd

__div__(scalar: float)LRotationd
__init__(m: LMatrix3d)


__init__(m: LMatrix4d)


__init__(c: LQuaterniond)
__init__(param0: LRotationd)
__init__(copy: LVecBase4d)
__init__(axis: LVector3d, angle: float)

axis + angle (in degrees)

__init__(h: float, p: float, r: float)

Sets the rotation from the given Euler angles.

__init__(r: float, i: float, j: float, k: float)
__mul__(other: LQuaterniond)LQuaterniond
__mul__(other: LRotationd)LRotationd
__mul__(scalar: float)LRotationd
static getClassType()TypeHandle