from panda3d.egg import EggTable
class EggTable

Bases: EggGroupNode

This corresponds to a <Table> or a <Bundle> entry. As such, it doesn’t actually contain a table of numbers, but it may be a parent to an EggSAnimData or an EggXfmAnimData, which do. It may also be a parent to another <Table> or <Bundle>, establishing a hierarchy of tables.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of EggTable

enum TableType
enumerator TT_invalid = 0
enumerator TT_table = 1
enumerator TT_bundle = 2
__init__(copy: EggTable)
__init__(name: str)
assign(copy: EggTable)EggTable
static getClassType()panda3d.core.TypeHandle

Returns true if the table contains a transform description, false otherwise.

setTableType(type: TableType)
static stringTableType(string: str)TableType

Returns the TableType value associated with the given string representation, or TT_invalid if the string does not match any known TableType value.