from panda3d.physics import BaseParticleEmitter
class BaseParticleEmitter

Bases: ReferenceCount

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of BaseParticleEmitter

enum emissionType
enumerator ET_EXPLICIT = 0

all particles are emitted in parallel along the same vector

enumerator ET_RADIATE = 1

all particles radiate away from a single point

enumerator ET_CUSTOM = 2

particle launch vectors are dependent on particular derived emitter

generate(pos: panda3d.core.LPoint3, vel: panda3d.core.LVector3)None

parent generation function


amplitude query


amplitude spread query

getEmissionType() → emissionType

emission type query


query for explicit emission launch vector


user-defined force


query for explicit emission launch vector

output(out: panda3d.core.ostream)None

Write a string representation of this instance to <out>.

setAmplitude(a: float)None

amplitude assignment

setAmplitudeSpread(as: float)None

amplitude spread assignment

setEmissionType(et: emissionType)None

emission type assignment

setExplicitLaunchVector(elv: panda3d.core.LVector3)None

assignment of explicit emission launch vector

setOffsetForce(of: panda3d.core.LVector3)None

this is a constant force applied to all particles

setRadiateOrigin(ro: panda3d.core.LPoint3)None

assignment of radiate emission origin point

write(out: panda3d.core.ostream, indent: int)None

Write a string representation of this instance to <out>.