from direct.showbase.BulletinBoard import BulletinBoard

Contains the BulletinBoard class.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of direct.showbase.BulletinBoard

class BulletinBoard[source]

Bases: object

This class implements a global location for key/value pairs to be stored. Intended to prevent coders from putting global variables directly on showbase, so that potential name collisions can be more easily detected.

get(self, postName, default=None)[source]
getEvent(self, postName)[source]
getRemoveEvent(self, postName)[source]
has(self, postName)[source]
notify = <direct.directnotify.Notifier.Notifier object>
post(self, postName, value=None)[source]
remove(self, postName)[source]
removeIfEqual(self, postName, value)[source]
update(self, postName, value)[source]

can use this to set value the first time