from panda3d.core import AsyncTaskSequence
class AsyncTaskSequence


Bases: AsyncTask, AsyncTaskCollection

A special kind of task that serves as a list of tasks internally. Each task on the list is executed in sequence, one per epoch.

This is similar to a Sequence interval, though it has some slightly different abilities. For instance, although you can’t start at any arbitrary point in the sequence, you can construct a task sequence whose duration changes during playback.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of AsyncTaskSequence

__init__(param0: AsyncTaskSequence)
__init__(name: str)
static getClassType() TypeHandle
getCurrentTaskIndex() int

Returns the index of the task within the sequence that is currently being executed (or that will be executed at the next epoch).

getRepeatCount() int

Returns the repeat count of the sequence. See setRepeatCount().

operatorNew(size: int)
setRepeatCount(repeat_count: int)

Sets the repeat count of the sequence. If the count is 0 or 1, the sequence will run exactly once. If it is greater than 0, it will run that number of times. If it is negative, it will run forever until it is explicitly removed.