from panda3d.core import PNMBrush
class PNMBrush

Bases: ReferenceCount

This class is used to control the shape and color of the drawing operations performed by a PNMPainter object.

Normally, you don’t create a PNMBrush directly; instead, use one of the static PNMBrush::make_*() methods provided here.

A PNMBrush is used to draw the border of a polygon or rectangle, as well as for filling its interior. When it is used to draw a border, the brush is “smeared” over the border; when it is used to fill the interior, it is tiled through the interior.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of PNMBrush

enum BrushEffect
enumerator BE_set = 0
enumerator BE_blend = 1
enumerator BE_darken = 2
enumerator BE_lighten = 3
static makeImage(image: PNMImage, xc: float, yc: float, effect: BrushEffect)PNMBrush

Returns a new brush that paints with the indicated image. xc and yc indicate the pixel in the center of the brush.

The brush makes a copy of the image; it is safe to deallocate or modify the image after making this call.

static makePixel(color: LColorf, effect: BrushEffect)PNMBrush

Returns a new brush that paints a single pixel of the indicated color on a border, or paints a solid color in an interior.

static makeSpot(color: LColorf, radius: float, fuzzy: bool, effect: BrushEffect)PNMBrush

Returns a new brush that paints a spot of the indicated color and radius. If fuzzy is true, the spot is fuzzy; otherwise, it is hard-edged.

static makeTransparent()PNMBrush

Returns a new brush that does not paint anything. Can be used as either a pen or a fill brush to make borderless or unfilled shapes, respectively.