from panda3d.core import ConfigVariable
class ConfigVariable


Bases: ConfigVariableBase

This is a generic, untyped ConfigVariable. It is also the base class for the typed ConfigVariables, and contains all of the code common to ConfigVariables of all types (except ConfigVariableList, which is a bit of a special case).

Mostly, this class serves as a thin wrapper around ConfigVariableCore and/or ConfigDeclaration, more or less duplicating the interface presented there.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of ConfigVariable

__init__(param0: ConfigVariable)
__init__(name: str)

Use this constructor to make a ConfigVariable of an unspecified type. Usually you’d want to do this just to reference a previously-defined ConfigVariable of a specific type, without having to know what type it is.


Removes the value assigned to this variable, and lets its original value (as read from the prc files) show through.

getNumWords() int

Returns the number of words in the variable’s value. A word is defined as a sequence of non-whitespace characters delimited by whitespace.

getStringValue() str

Returns the toplevel value of the variable, formatted as a string.

setStringValue(value: str)

Changes the value assigned to this variable. This creates a local value that shadows any values defined in the .prc files, until clearLocalValue() is called.