from direct.p3d.DWBPackageInstaller import DWBPackageInstaller

Deprecated since version 1.10.0: The p3d packaging system has been replaced with the new setuptools-based system. See the Distributing Panda3D Applications manual section.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of direct.p3d.DWBPackageInstaller

class DWBPackageInstaller(appRunner, parent=None, **kw)[source]

Bases: DirectWaitBar, PackageInstaller

This class presents a PackageInstaller that also inherits from DirectWaitBar, so it updates its own GUI as it downloads.

Specify perPackage = True to make the progress bar reset for each package, or False (the default) to show one continuous progress bar for all packages.

Specify updateText = True (the default) to update the text label with the name of the package or False to leave it up to you to set it.

You can specify a callback function with finished = func; this function will be called, with one boolean parameter, when the download has completed. The parameter will be true on success, or false on failure.

__init__(self, appRunner, parent=None, **kw)[source]
downloadFinished(self, success)[source]

This callback is made when all of the packages have been downloaded and installed (or there has been some failure). If all packages where successfully installed, success is True.

If there were no packages that required downloading, this callback will be made immediately, without a corresponding call to downloadStarted().

downloadProgress(self, overallProgress)[source]

This callback is made repeatedly between downloadStarted() and downloadFinished() to update the current progress through all packages. The progress value ranges from 0 (beginning) to 1 (complete).

packageProgress(self, package, progress)[source]

This callback is made repeatedly between packageStarted() and packageFinished() to update the current progress on the indicated package only. The progress value ranges from 0 (beginning) to 1 (complete).

packageStarted(self, package)[source]

This callback is made for each package between downloadStarted() and downloadFinished() to indicate the start of a new package.