from panda3d.ode import OdeCollisionEntry
class OdeCollisionEntry


Bases: TypedReferenceCount

A class used to hold information about a collision that has occurred.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of OdeCollisionEntry

__getitem__(n: int) OdeContactGeom
__init__(param0: OdeCollisionEntry)
getBody1() OdeBody

Returns the first body in the collision.

getBody2() OdeBody

Returns the second body in the collision.

static getClassType() panda3d.core.TypeHandle
getContactGeom(n: int) OdeContactGeom

Returns the nth contact geom in the collision.

getContactGeoms() list
getContactPoint(n: int) panda3d.core.LPoint3f

Returns the nth contact point in the collision. This does exactly the same as get_contact_geom(n).get_pos().

getContactPoints() list
getGeom1() OdeGeom

Returns the first geom in the collision.

getGeom2() OdeGeom

Returns the second geom in the collision.

getNumContacts() int

Returns the number of contacts in the collision.

isEmpty() bool

Returns true if the entry holds no contacts.