from panda3d.core import AnimChannel_ACMatrixSwitchType
class AnimChannel_ACMatrixSwitchType

Bases: AnimChannelBase

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of AnimChannel_ACMatrixSwitchType

class LMatrix4

alias of LMatrix4f

static getClassType()TypeHandle
getHpr(frame: int, hpr: LVecBase3)
getPos(frame: int, pos: LVecBase3)
getQuat(frame: int, quat: LQuaternion)
getScale(frame: int, scale: LVecBase3)
getShear(frame: int, shear: LVecBase3)
getValue(frame: int, value: LMatrix4)
getValueNoScaleShear(frame: int, value: LMatrix4)

These transform-component methods only have meaning for matrix types.