from panda3d.core import NeverFreeMemory
class NeverFreeMemory


This class is used to allocate bytes of memory from a pool that is never intended to be freed. It is particularly useful to support DeletedChain, which allocates memory in just such a fashion.

When it is known that memory will not be freed, it is preferable to use this instead of the standard malloc() (or global_operator_new()) call, since this will help reduce fragmentation problems in the dynamic heap. Also, memory allocated from here will exhibit less wasted space.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of NeverFreeMemory

static getTotalAlloc() int

Returns the total number of bytes consumed by all the pages allocated internally by this object.

static getTotalUnused() int

Returns the difference between getTotalAlloc() and getTotalUsed(). This represents bytes in allocated pages that have not (yet) been used by the application.

static getTotalUsed() int

Returns the total number of bytes requested by the application in calls to NeverFreeMemory::alloc().