from panda3d.core import NodeReferenceCount
class NodeReferenceCount

Bases: ReferenceCount

This class specializes ReferenceCount to add an additional counter, called node_ref_count, for the purposes of counting the number of times the object is referenced by a “node”, whatever that may mean in context.

The new methods nodeRef() and nodeUnref() automatically increment and decrement the primary reference count as well. There also exists a NodePointerTo<> class to maintain the node_ref counters automatically.

See also CachedTypedWritableReferenceCount, which is similar in principle, as well as NodeCachedReferenceCount, which combines both of these.

Inheritance diagram

Inheritance diagram of NodeReferenceCount

static getClassType() → TypeHandle
Return type


getNodeRefCount() → int

Returns the current reference count.

nodeRef() → None

Explicitly increments the node reference count and the normal reference count simultaneously.

nodeUnref() → bool

Explicitly decrements the node reference count and the normal reference count simultaneously.

The return value is true if the new reference count is nonzero, false if it is zero.

nodeUnrefOnly() → None

Decrements the node reference count without affecting the normal reference count. Intended to be called by derived classes only, presumably to reimplement nodeUnref().

testRefCountIntegrity() → bool

Does some easy checks to make sure that the reference count isn’t completely bogus.